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Email me if you'd like to be notified of future classes or would like to host a class for your group.

R.A.D. is a 12-hour intensive course that empowers you to find and effectively use your voice, increase assertiveness skills, and to take personal responsibility for your own safety through self-reliance. We will be teaching through the nationally recognized R.A.D. Systems of Self-Defense program that goes beyond teaching physical movements to protect ourselves, enabling us to access our own power and act on instincts we often ignore. We teach realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. This is a comprehensive course that covers awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, progressing on to the basics of self-defense training. 

If you are on the fence - I get it that it may sound a little scary. (Or WAY scary.) I was pretty nervous going into this too. Society had effectively informed me that I should be seen and not heard, and definitely put other people before myself. This class changed my life. I am hopeful that I can share it with you and that you can have a similar experience. I look people in the eye. I yell back. (It's often fun to see the reaction I get from others when I do these things, as well as notice my own increase in energy.)

I have taken my power back. And you can too.

The nitty gritty - after an interactive discussion around the 4 risks of personal safety, we move into the physical portion of the class. You will learn how to block punches, how to properly strike with your fists, various ways to kick, how to locate vulnerable locations on an attacker to  deliver the most power to the softest spots. We have a blast while learning how to use our voices ... and we yell. A lot. (So please bring a water bottle.)

An optional simulation experience is offered during the final class. Completely challenge by choice. And yes, I am going to strongly encourage you to consider participating in this part - because I know you will have practiced so much that your body is totally going to know what to do without you even thinking about it. 

Please contact me at or  828.260.1670 if you'd like to discuss organizing a class for your organization/group or if you have any questions about the program.